TL;DR - An old 30 year old engineer with a CS degree with experience in several different tech stacks because I can't resist getting into different things.

University of Kentucky

2012 - 2016

I started my programming journey at the University of Kentucky (Go Cats). My first computer science course I learned Python, then for the rest of my tenure at UK was basically all C++. My senior project was to make a Tic-Tac-Toe game you could play on a Chromecast and the controller was an Android phone. I eventually graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, and a minor in Mathematics in May of 2016.

University of Kentucky

Lockheed Martin

2016 - 2017

My first software engineering job out of college. I learned a lot about company processes and working with other departments. My job was to basically assist the Systems Engineering department by writing scripts in a program named IBM Doors used for tracking requirements in an IBM language based on C named DXL and Excel scripts in VBA. Some exposure to Matlab scripting as well.

Lockheed Martin


2017 - 2018

From Lockheed I wanted something at a smaller company where I was going to write modern software. So while I was at Lockheed after hours I started teaching myself how to develop iOS apps professionally since I already knew Swift. This landed me a job here where I was in trial by fire almost immediately, including having to learn Android (at that time it was only Java) on the fly. All in all at that job I probably touched at least 8 apps in iOS and Android, some of which I leave off my resume for simplicity sake.

FusionCorp company logo


2018 - 2021

Since I had so much experience shoved into such a short time frame at FusionCorp with all those apps, I applied for a senior engineer position at Lextech because I thought, "why not?". Turns out I interviewed well and got the job. Once again, into the fire learning more enterprise grade app development and deployment strategies. Over the course of working there I touched another 6 apps, all of which were for Fortune 500 companies. Due to the NDA I signed while I was there I can't say which ones!

Lextech company logo

Built Technologies

2021 - Present

Currently I work at Built Technologies, I decided to switch it up and get more experience in the web department instead of only developing native apps. I still think native is the way to go, but learning TypeScript and React in-depth in an app environment has really helped me grow as a developer, especially since the knowledge from TypeScript has helped me dive into the back end as well.

Built Technologies logo